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Truckers are getting big pay hikes, but there’s still a shortage of drivers

Truckers are getting big pay hikes, but there’s still a shortage of drivers!

America’s truck driver shortage has forced freight companies to hike pay but it still isn’t enough.

While the increase in online ordering during the pandemic sent demand for delivery drivers through the roof, that hasn’t been enough to convince people who are willing and able long-haul truckers into filling their jobs – so they have had no choice but ramp up wages.

While the pay hikes are appreciated by many drivers, they’re causing an enormous turnover in companies.

The average annual turnover rate for truckload carriers is 95% and this segment of the industry is experiencing a severe driver shortage.

Drivers want to see what’s on offer elsewhere before committing themselves to one company for too long because as soon as there become available positions with another company nearby, they’ll take it without hesitation considering how quickly these opportunities arise nowadays due to high demand from employers who need more hands behind their wheels now that gas prices have increased again recently.

The more they make, the less people want to drive

Rising pay has unintended consequences. Not only is it hurting drivers who may not have enough hours but now those with too much time on their hands are cutting down on driving because of higher wages. This leaves a shortfall in supply and demand for some services that leads companies to use other means such as artificial intelligence or outsourcing which raises costs even further.

The life of a truck driver is one that most people would not willingly choose. The pay may be good, but the lifestyle and living conditions are downright terrible. For these drivers to compete they must have another edge beyond their paycheck; whether it’s more regular routes or time at home with family – companies like Walmart know this all too well when trying to lure in new employees for its own fleet of trucks throughout America as opposed because FedEx, UPS and Amazon do as well since there are so few available workers on the market today due to an increase demand for freight carriers from every company across the country

Many Americans believe driving long distances by themselves behind a wheel could never become enjoyable enough where they can handle being away from friends and loved ones for weeks at a time.

Many truck drivers are failing drug tests

Many truck drivers are failing drug tests or other substance abuse problems, but the clearinghouse has helped reduce this problem. In just a few months since its inception, 54 thousand people have had their driver’s license revoked for these reasons. The ban is proving effective in lowering supply and demand of drivers on our highways as well as increasing safety by driving out reckless motorists who may otherwise be putting themselves and others at risk to traffic accidents with drugs impairing them behind the wheel.

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