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10 Best Truck Related Small Business ideas for 2021

Make money with your truck right now!

If you need to make some extra money this year, why not start your own business! We’ve given 10 lucrative ideas below.

If the idea of sitting around at home with no hope for an income isn’t attractive to you anymore then now’s a great time to get in on one of these opportunities! These are ten creative and exciting ways that can help anyone build up their bank account while staying happy too-no matter what happens next.


Haulage is one of the most popular businesses in America and has been for decades. You may be surprised to find out that it’s also a multi-million dollar industry! If you’re thinking about starting your own business, haul work could an excellent place to start; transportation companies are always looking for help transporting merchandise from state to states or even across borders if need be.

Mobile Detailing

Do you enjoy cleaning cars? How would you like to make money while doing it! With a mobile auto detailing business, your services are only restricted by the number of hours in a day. You can buy or rent equipment and start servicing customers as soon as possible with this convenient setup. Vehicle owners will be able to get their car washed anywhere they please without having to go far from home for assistance.

Moving Company

Who wants to move all their stuff by themselves? That is a lot of work! If you want the stress-free experience, hire someone else. Moving Service offers a variety of services and packages for any kind of budget or need. Don’t worry about having too much help with your move – they can do it all in one day so that you’re not stressed out over time constraints either! They’ll pick up anything from furniture, appliances, large electronics like TVs (they come disassembled), boxes/packing materials and more depending on what service package you choose. In addition to local moves within one city; they also offer interstate moving as well if distance has been an issue for past clients’ relocation needs.

Mobile Groomer

Mobile pet grooming salons have gained a lot of popularity because it can be difficult for many people to transport their pets. It is easy and convenient, especially with the rise in mobile technology, that you offer this service without having to leave your home so more people are able to use these services while also being at work or away from their homes.

Pest Control

A pest control business starts with a truck. It’s the most important equipment because it moves your tools, employees and all of your supplies to different homes that need help from you!

Pest control business owners are always on the go. A truck is one of the most important pieces of equipment for starting a pest control business because you would need it to move your tools, equipment and employees from one client’s home to another. If you already have a truck then that means all-inclusive transportation with room reserved just in case an unexpected emergency pops up at work!

Mobile Home

Renting or buying a mobile home may be the fast-growing trend in affordable housing across America. Mobile homes offer an innovative solution for high demand and low supply of quality housing, however these units are not commonly found outside rural areas where they were originally invented to meet the needs of itinerant workers.


Landscaping Services is a trade that has been around for centuries. With the booming of technology, more and more people are finding it easier to grow their own plants at home rather than purchasing them from garden centers or navigating through landscaped yards on foot in search of what they need – but those who still rely on services such as these can be sure to find professionals with ease!

Mobile Mechanic

If you can’t figure out how to fix your car, the best thing that you could do is call a mobile mechanic. With their truck by your side and all of their gadgets in tow, they’ll be able to quickly rescue both yourself and any clients who happen to need assistance while waiting for roadside assistance or towed away on another vehicle!

Food Truck

The food truck craze has been on the rise for a while now. You can either convert your van into a mobile restaurant or sell pre-packaged meals from it. The best areas to target are lunchtime rush hour spots and busy office parks where hungry employees need quick lunches delivered right at their desks!

Mobile Vending Machines

You can make your truck go anywhere with this great idea! A mobile vending machine will allow you to set up shop at all sorts of events and locations. You’ll be able to sell snacks, drinks, or whatever else people might want right where they are looking for it the most!


We hope these 10 lucrative truck-related business ideas help you get inspired!

Go big or go home?

Get into the trucking industry!

The Trucking Industry is a cyclical sector comprised of companies that provide shipping services, using tractor-trailers to customers. Most trucking outfits own and operate the vehicles in their fleets, though some do rely on leasing. This industry has grown rapidly over recent years due largely to its ability for businesses like Amazon or Walmart who have large distribution centers spread across America that need deliveries made quickly both locally but also nationally as well which not only creates jobs locally with higher pay than retail positions they can offer more competitive reimbursement packages such as 401k plans unlike other industries where benefits are usually minimal making it an attractive option.

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