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Ready To Get into the Trucking Industry? 10 FAQS

In the aftermath of a pandemic, demand for shipped goods soared while simultaneously sending many drivers into early retirement. The U.S has been grappling with a chronic lack of drivers and this recent event only exacerbated the problem because there were too few people to fill in all these vacant positions left by retirees and other workers who had died from illness or succumbed to suicide due their inability to cope with day-to-day life post-pandemic.

Is there really a HUGE demand for truckers right now?

Pick up your keys and get ready to join the fast-paced world of transportation. If you are interested in a job where travel, diverse work environments, and meeting new people is part of the day then this may be for you!

The demand for drivers is always high. The labor market has not been this tight since the year 2000, and not many people are willing to work as a driver because of all the risks that come with it: long hours on busy highways in unpredictable weather conditions. Demand for quality drivers is even higher; if you can prove yourself these traits then your employment prospects will be bright! heck, you can even start a company with one truck.

Is the money worth your while becoming a truck driver?

A truck driver’s 2021 salary starts at a low $40,000 and can go as high as $60,000. The higher the experience level of the driver is in terms of years on the job or miles driven will determine what their pay range is like.

The average starting salary for an entry-level trucker ranges from around $45k to about 55k with experienced drivers earning more than that depending on how many years they’ve been driving and/or total mile traveled during those time periods.

Driving a truck is not for the faint of heart. It’s hard work, and you’re out there alone in an environment that can be scary at times… but it has its perks too! You get to meet interesting people from all over the country – some friendly, others less so. There are also many opportunities for lucrative earnings if your mind sets on them as well; top-tier drivers have made enough money to never need do anything else again! For money matters, there are huge ranges. There are even strategies to become a millionaire from trucking in two years!

What’s the turnover rate for the trucking industry?

Some people think that trucking is a glamorous occupation, but in reality, it’s extremely difficult for drivers to maintain their expensive trucks and keep up with the high demand. The turnover rate seems to hover around 100%, because most of the time new drivers are quitting after a few weeks or even days when they realize how tough this lifestyle can be on them. In fact, some go so far as purposely crashing into cars just outside an exit ramp from one company onto another!

Many would have you believe driving semis sounds like fun – all you do is drive your rig day-in-and-day out until retirement age rolls along. But I’ve come across countless stories about otherwise intelligent men who find themselves burning out at much younger ages than expected.

Will the trucking industry be replaced with AI drivers?

A world with automated and self-driven trucks would be a frightening one indeed. Imagine the day when an alarm goes off at 3am, warning you that your truck has been hijacked by hackers over 2 miles away!
Driving in congestion is already difficult enough– imagine how much more difficult it will be to navigate these crowded highways without any drivers?

In the not too distant future, cities and highways will be littered with autonomous cars that are capable of navigating themselves without a human driver at the helm; but until then it’s just illegal for them to do so in most places on our roads today because they can’t read traffic signals like we humans would know how.

Is truck driving a difficult job?

Driving a truck is often considered to be one of the hardest jobs around. This type of lifestyle takes its toll on both your body and mind, as you are constantly driving long hours without breaks for rest or sleep, putting yourself in danger with other drivers everywhere.
It’s not uncommon that people who try this job find it too difficult to adjust after just a short time period; some even decide they simply can’t handle being away from home so much! However if someone has what it takes-a strong backhand (or hands!), patience and understanding for others’ struggles like theirs, then their hard work will lead them down rewarding paths which may include promotions up through the ranks at different companies.

What’s the biggest differences in truck driving vs other jobs?

Most people are used to regular day jobs with set hours that get them home every night and most weekends. Over-the-road trucking, by it’s erratic nature, is a 24/7 commitment which can keep you away from your family for months at a time – all while getting paid!
Think about how the lifestyle of an over-the road driver differs from other occupations such as office workers or nurses who have more predictable schedules. Truck drivers live in their trucks because they never know when they’ll return so many choose not to buy homes or put down roots anywhere since there isn’t really any place “home”. The one thing these hard working individuals do gain access too though is freedom; the ability to see our country!

Are there various types of truck driving positions available?

YES. When it comes to truck driving jobs, there are many options. Class A CDL drivers will typically start as over-the-road (OTR) drivers – regional, linehaul and dedicated routes may have them home every weekend or even daily; local routes usually involve more close quarters city driving with better odds of an incident/accident. New OTR experience is highly recommended for new class A CDL driver heading down the road on a smaller localized route requiring skillful maneuvering in tight spaces like cities that could result in accidents when not properly knowledgeable about this type of terrain: be aware!

Do most truck drivers get lonely and homesick on the open road?

There is a good chance that you will feel these emotions. The lifestyle of traveling can be very different than what most people are used to. But, modern technology such as video chat makes it so much easier to stay in touch with loved ones daily and maintain an emotional connection without having physical contact all day long!

Are you ready to get into the trucking industry? 

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