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Working ON your Business Vs. Working IN your Business

The temptation to do everything yourself is strong when it comes to starting your business, but you have got to understand that there are a lot of things outside the boundaries of your job description. If you don’t make time for those other tasks and focus on growing the company then all will be lost in due time. Give some thought now as how these activities could fill gaps in what’s currently being done or give more insights into where new ideas should come from by exploring different fields not just within one industry sector.

Business owners typically have a passion for their work and are bogged down with day-to-day operations.

They can’t see the forest from the trees because they’re too busy getting lost in all of these details.
It is important to not only train teams, but also give yourself time to grow as an entrepreneur so you may become more successful leaders who will lead your company into new heights and wider success areas.

The new year provides a time for us to improve ourselves and our businesses. Although it is important to always be working, try not spend all your hours on business related tasks. Schedule specific times that can only include you with your team members or yourself where the sole focus will be planning, strategizing, brainstorming – anything in order to grow past just doing what needs done each day. The key? Building boundaries; know when enough work has been accomplished and build dedicated scheduled for growth-oriented activities within this boundary so they are never neglected again!

Working IN Your Business: Making stuff, delivering it to the right place at a good price and on time. Dealing with conflict in your life so that you can focus on what really matters–growing YOUR business! Hiring activities because they are key for success as well as paying invoices. Setting strategic vision by taking care of administrative tasks like handling calls while also setting yourself up for future growth through investing wisely or developing new products/services.


Working ON Your Business: No one expects you to have all the answers when starting a new venture, but there are some fundamentals that must be in place for any business. In my experience working with other small businesses as an entrepreneur and consultant, I’ve found these five keys components necessary: 1) setting goals; 2) education & personal development of employees; 3) financial projections/forecasting (expectations need to match reality); 4) creating strategic alliances which can increase revenue streams or solve problems quickly without hiring additional staff members if possible; 5), establishing systems and processes so your company runs efficiently while freeing up time from day-to-day tasks.

Final thoughts:

You know when you’re a small business owner and the constant stream of deadlines, to-do list items, customer requests and other tasks can get overwhelming? There are days where it feels like there’s no end in sight. Well luckily for you we have an answer! YMA Financial Business Coaching is here to help your company thrive by providing actionable solutions with proven outcomes that will save time, money & effort so focus on what matters most: Making Moves!

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