Your 6 Week Checklist For Launching A Digital Product

Your 6 Week Checklist For Launching A Digital Product

A detailed editorial calendar can be too much to handle at six weeks. Instead, create a marketing roadmap to tie all of your efforts together. But be careful: a detailed roadmap can be confusing! Here are some tips for getting started. Identifying influencers, creating a social media content calendar, and communicating with key stakeholders are just a few steps to getting your product launched in the best way possible.

Identifying influencers.

Identifying influencers to launch a digital product is a great way to promote a new product and garner attention. But it’s important to understand the nuances of this type of marketing before committing to a strategy. There are numerous factors to consider when identifying influencers for a product launch, but it’s important to know your goals first. If your goal is to reach new customers, identifying influencers may be one of the most effective ways to accomplish this goal.

Creating a social media content calendar.

Creating a social media content calendar for launching your digital product can seem overwhelming. You have to create new content, interact with followers, and nurture leads throughout the buying process. Your page will probably fizzle within a few months without a social media content calendar. Successful pages, however, follow a specific schedule and stick to it.

Do an audit of your social media accounts and analyze your content.

Before you begin to create a social media content calendar, you must first audit your current social media accounts. It’s unnecessary to audit your entire social media presence, but it’s crucial to identify what’s working and what’s not. For example, if you’re a beginner on social media, you may want to analyze what kinds of content generate the most engagement and look for more of those types of content. While this audit will not give you all the answers, it will help you develop a social media content calendar template.

Communicating with key stakeholders.

To successfully communicate with key stakeholders during a new digital product launch, it is important to understand each stakeholder’s role. For example, people who sell or support an internal product will want to be updated on the new features and functionality. In this way, they act as customer proxies and are valuable allies. It is also useful to identify their level of power and interest. According to Roman Pichler, a business owner can break down their stakeholders based on their power and interest. Using the Eden and Ackermann grid, business owners can assign different levels of involvement to the different types of stakeholders.

Testing your product before launch.

Before you launch a digital product:

  1. Do some market research.
  2. Conduct informal market research on social media and search engines, but make sure to know your target customers better.
  3. Learn about their problems and how they solve those problems.
  4. Be sure that your digital product addresses a problem that your market niche faces, and make sure that you know how to communicate that solution to your audience.
  5. After you have researched the market, start building your product.

Research your keywords.

The main step in creating an effective online marketing strategy is research. Find out what keywords your audience uses to search for similar products and services in your niche. These terms will be your seed keywords. They do not have to be target terms, but they should be broad enough to help you find the best audience for your product. Also, you should research separately for each audience since they may be searching for different products and services.

Creating a buzz on the day of launch.

Creating a buzz on the day of launch is crucial to the success of a new product or service. After all, the main goal is to get your product and service noticed. You can do this by offering exclusive pre-launch access to your product. One example is Pinterest, which created a huge buzz by only allowing invitees to join the beta site. Invitations to the beta site took weeks to come in, and the site was then covered extensively online once it launched.

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