Tier 2 Business Consulting



Tier 2

(4) Hours per month

  • (4) Hours of Business Advisory and Development services
  • Personal Credit and Business Credit Review
  • Business Credit Setup and Long-Term Planning
  • Startup Budget and Projections
  • Product or Service Pricing
  • Full Credit Preparation Outline for Personal and Business Planning
  • Budget Review
  • Business Model Development Assistance
  • Business Mentorship and Support
  • Locating and Defining Issues or Problems and Creating Solutions
  • Operational Support
    • Project Management
    • Data Analytics & Business Analytics
    • Human Resources & Organization
    • Regulatory & Compliance
  • Market Research
    • Target Market
    • Customer Base
    • Competition Analysis
  • Marketing, Advertising, and Branding
  • Hands on “On-Site” Guidance for Building Remodeling, Construction, Interior/Exterior Design,
    • Location based (reasonable travel and distance)
  • Staffing Overview and Planning
  • Question and Answer



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