How to Find a Business Mentor

It is understandable after all; it is great advice; having a mentor relationship is frequently a dream come true. A mentor is a teacher, a trusted advisor that a budding entrepreneur can turn to with questions and get valuable advice, tailored directly to their industry and certain business condition. But how you can find a mentor? While sometimes the relationship forms organically, it is too much to hope that the unique mentor will drop into your lap. The best mentor is a sounding board for your ideas, and holds you accountable for the commitments, and offers you wise advice when you need it. So how to find a mentor? Here are a few ways.

Look to your own network first

If you want to find a mentor, then you can start with your networking. We all know networking builds connections, but for new entrepreneurs, it can be hard to begin. So, when you begin thinking about how to find a mentor through networking, think about building connections, instead of finding the one. Concentrate on expanding your network, and making connections with others in a variety of industries whom you can learn from.


Use meetup groups to grow your network

Reaching out to those within your existing network is a good start, but when you’re on the hunt for a mentor, you may require to expand your network. Mentors gravitate toward outspoken, hardworking individuals. But sometimes that is not enough. Sites such as provide a vehicle for anyone to begin any type of group in your city, and with that comes a variety of networking groups, small business groups, and so on. It is suggested going to happy hour events, networking events, and speaking panels that are within your scope.


Go to upcoming events in your arena

Is there a local conference on a feature of your technology? Perhaps a prominent local business owner in your field is giving a speech? Attend events such as these and use them to make contacts. It is suggested that someone do some independent research into a field they are interested in and visit a few company websites that are within that field. See upcoming events and try to attend. When you attend these events, it is okay to ask people for their business cards and hand out your own as well.


Join a professional association

Professional associations are nonprofit groups dedicated to furthering a specific industry or profession, and as such can be the best place to find others in your industry who can potentially serve as mentors.

Go to industry events

This’s the best way to learn about your industry or entrepreneurship from the experts, and you can network with the people you meet. Do not hesitate to ask for advice from speakers who look inspiring and knowledgeable you may find yourself a mentor.


Connect to the support community for entrepreneurs

One of the great things about beginning up a business now is that a whole support community is readily accessible online to entrepreneurs. YouTube provides some good advice videos, and Y Combinator has the best series of lectures available. The many TED and TEDx Talks are an incredible resource too. The forums for entrepreneurs may be particularly helpful.


Talk to local business leaders you admire

When we are beginning up to our first business, we will find someone who already running a business in the industry and we hope to enter and ask him if he can give some time for advice. It was that simple. Clearly, you should not pick someone who you see as a direct competitor, but you can try approaching someone who’s running the same business in another location.


Use your alumni network

If you are wondering how to find a mentor while still in school, you probably have access to lots of potential mentors already; your professors and any organizations you have completed internships with will make the best beginning points. Check out your university’s business college website; they’re probably to have an entrepreneurship center or mentorship program.

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