5 Ways to Support Your Frontline Employees

While the COVID-19 pandemic is tough for everyone, it is particularly challenging for those on the front lines, who risk their safety daily for the sake of others. As frontline workers continue to go into work daily, whether that is on the floor of a manufacturing plant or on the road helping consumers as important employees, it is crucial that companies have the tools in place to offer support. Here are some ways you can support your frontline workers.

Pay attention

Everyday life has changed. We should adapt our behaviors to deal with the new normal. We have to pay attention when we are in public and look for changes in how we are expected to interact. In January, we can enter the grocery store via either door and walk down any aisle we wanted.

Now, we have to look for signs telling us which door is the entrance, exit and if consumer flow is designed to move in a certain direction. We have to make the effort to break long-standing habits and adjust the way we move through life, a minimum for now.

Show empathy

The grocery clerk did not make COVID-19. The retail associate did not decide to institute a mask rule. The contact center agent is balancing work and family at home daily, like us. This year is very hard for everybody. We are living through a worldwide health crisis. We are witness to continued social injustice. Frustration, sadness, disappointment, and anger.

We are all human. But there is no excuse to take it out on the people who are trying to do their jobs. Before you go into a store or restaurant, stop and think about what those frontline workers face daily. If you have ever worked on the frontline, you know how it can feel. They were our heroes. They’re still our heroes in September. And they’ll be our heroes as long as we want them to be.


Celebrate your frontline employees’ achievements

Frontline employees are the heroes. They are so frequently overlooked, but businesses will be nothing without their invaluable contributions. That is why it is so necessary to showcase their achievements for everybody to see. Whether it is giving shoutouts to the stores with great sales figures or best consumer reviews, or identifying the hard work of one specific employee, putting the spotlight on them each now and then will remind them how essential their hard work is.


Approach Family and Friends Who Are Workers

Send a text to friends and family members who are still needed to work during this time. If they are busy working long shifts or overnight hours, they cannot find the time to respond right away, but they’ll still appreciate knowing that you are there for them. If you can, consider offering to safely drop off or deliver food for them, so they will not have to worry about cooking after a long shift at work.

Tip the Essential Workers in Your Community

The risk factor related to several important jobs has abruptly skyrocketed. Several workers are still not receiving hazard pay, involving USPS workers, and those who are getting hazard pay are almost definitely not being paid a wage that reflects the present risk. Additionally, to expressing you thanks to delivery drivers, mail carriers, grocery store cashiers, and other essential employees, tip them well if you can.

Keep in mind that USPS workers can technically accept gifts equally up to $20 or less. During these stressful times, a small kindness can go a long way. Even something like sharing a smile can make someone’s day. Try to extend kindness to those who are helping during this crisis, involving healthcare workers, mail carriers, first responders, cashiers, and others.

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