4 Things that DESTROY Your Focus at Work

Your capability to be highly focused and productive are 2 important ingredients to achieve better results and making quick progress in your career.

However, there are many reasons that silently sabotage your success. Despite working difficult and disciplining yourself, it can be that your results are slowed down because of these subtle small habits, without you even realizing it.

4 Things that DESTROY Your Focus at Work


You should follow these guidelines to be successful:


Clutter Destroys Your FOCUS

As per this article from Psychology Today, clutter may be incredibly distracting or inhibiting productivity. A desk piled highest with projects is a reminder of the things we have not still accomplished and can make feelings of stress and anxiety. Not to mention, the concentrate we lose when searching for what we need in a messy office. How frequently have you spent a long time staring at a pile of work on your desk? Working in a cluttered situation can crush your motivation and energy.

What to do?
Take time in the beginning in daily to clean up. Put away anything that doesn’t need to be on your desk and neatly organize items by project or priority.


Doing It All at Once destroys the focus

There are various schools of thought when it comes to the idea of multi-tasking. Some say it can’t be done, others say it is the way to get things done. There are several definitions for multi-tasking. Either way, trying to do it all at once may be overwhelming and counterproductive.

What to do?
Try batching your tasks. This’s the practice of grouping tasks into sections as well as accomplishing one section at a time. This’s a much simple way to organize your time than bouncing back in forth from one thing to another.

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Not Moving destroys your FOCUS

Sitting yet for a long period of time can make you sleepy and exposure to fluorescent lighting in the office does not help the condition.

What to do?
Get up and move around. Hopefully, your office policy lets you get up for brief periods of time to get your body moving. If not, ensure to get in some laps on your lunch break.


Forgetting Your Goals destroys your FOCUS

It’s simple to get caught up in the stress of the day-to-day or forget our long-term goals. And when you forget what you’re working toward you lose motivation in what you’re doing.

What to do?
Keep a list of your aims in visual space as well as revisit them often. Your list of goals shouldn’t be a stagnate piece of paper, pinned to your corkboard, or forgotten about. It should be a living document, continuously changing and evolving with you and your dreams.

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How to Have a More Productive Workday

What’s it that makes certain people high productive at work? If the 3 cups of coffee you drank this morning are not doing the trick, it can be time to try a new approach. Here are 5 ways to make get more out of your workday with small less anguish.

Get focus fit

We are living in a globe of distractions. Most of them are inflicted upon us through notifications that pop up on our devices. Others are self-imposed, like when Angelica checks Facebook for the 53rd time today, in case that cute picture of her Labradoodle has another like. Due to the distraction technology imposes on us, we spend the majority of time doing shallow work that’s non-cognitively demanding. Due to the constant distractions, we have forgotten how to engage in deep work that is focused on thinking where we make meaningful progress on some projects. What we need to do is get concentrate fit. When we start a new exercise regime, we do not start by bench pressing 100 pounds in our first session. So, when it comes to building your concentrate muscle, build up slowly.

Take breaks instead of a long one

If you’re in a busy job and working long hours, you can be somebody who can simply get consumed with your busyness and forget to take a break. And maybe you believe you easily do not have time to take a break. Unfortunately, this puts us in a continuous state of poor cognitive performance. One study showed, some productive performers worked solidly for 52 mints and then had a break for 17 mints. Other research shown that different to a 30-mint break, hourly 5-minute walking breaks can boost energy, increase concentration, improve mood and reduce feelings of fatigue in the afternoon more efficiently.

Do not eat lunch at your desk.

Did you know 62% of Americans eat lunch at their desk? While maybe you are not American, still you possibly have faced it or will admit that you fell into this category of people. Surely, you are being more productive by eating or working at the same time. Research has shown, the easy act of eating our lunch anywhere but at our desks leads to us being best capable of cope with workplace stress and gives us great energy for the afternoon.

Shut down your day.

It is so simple to leave the office, to get a house, and start working again. And even if you aren’t engaged in this pattern, it is simple for work and stresses from the day to linger in your mind well beyond 5 p.m.

To help decrease stress and provide closure on your day, it is recommended to developing a mental shut down of your day. Spending 2-3 minutes writing down what you have accomplished that day; feeling a sense of progress is shown in research to be some powerful motivator at work. Then spend 2-3 minutes planning the following day, which helps offer a sense of control, another good motivator, and mental closure. If you have a spare minute left, express gratitude for somebody, in the form of an email and a text message. Gratitude has been shown time and time again to be an efficient mood elevator.

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